Stories by Nancy Owano

Self-assembling phone as sign of respect for natural systems

(Tech Xplore)—What is a factory? One easy description might be that a factory is a place where workers stand in line and put components together. What is an MIT dreamer? Someone like Skylar Tibbits who is daring to take ...

Aug 23, 2016

Music tempo carries hidden information

Who could even dream of thinking, period, when in a small dance club where the pulsating floodgates of club music are being let loose. Here's a thought, though. What if you could hide messages in the tempo of that pounding ...

Aug 20, 2016

For DIYers, a device to use to see into walls

DIY home renovators, construction workers, plumbers: There is a product designed for you, and it is called Walabot DIY. It is a device with companion app that allows you to look inside your walls. You can detect things such ...

Aug 19, 2016

More radar, triple-camera system for next Autopilot version?

Causing lots of conversation this week has been word of a coming update to the Tesla Motors Autopilot system. News sites made reference to a recent article in Electrek, which talked about a coming "Tesla Autopilot 2.0" as ...

Aug 14, 2016

Patent patter: Tanks not on Apple's to-do list

Did an error serve a military vehicle patent to the stylish company that brings you phones and featherweight PCs to cry for if not die for? Lawyers said a vehicle patent assigned to Apple was in error, reported Patently Apple ...

Aug 11, 2016

Dashlane, Google in open source password manager project

(Tech Xplore)—PC and tablet warriors who must access files and applications for work and for play tolerate their password rituals whether dozens or more times a day. Painful as entering passwords may be—forgetting some ...

Aug 07, 2016

Smart shoes check balance, weight shift for golfers

(Tech Xplore)—Are you into golf? Practice makes solid if not perfect results. Also, watching videos to see how the professionals do it is fine but probably not enough to get you to a higher level.

Aug 05, 2016