Stories by Nancy Owano

Gamalon technology accelerates machine learning

(Tech Xplore)—This AI launch could signal a difference for the better. Cambridge, MA-based Gamalon is touting its approach to AI and machine learning and the claims are significant. To start, add this to your mountain of ...

Feb 15, 2017

AI researchers get a sense of how self-interest rules

(Tech Xplore)—Interested in serious mind games, of the artificial intelligence variety? Park these phrases in your vocabulary list, courtesy of a DeepMind exploration: "deep multi-agent reinforcement learning" and "sequential ...

Feb 12, 2017

Asilomar AI Principles: A framework for human value alignment

(Tech Xplore)—This site and other tech-watching portals give you ample news throughout the week on enhancements to technology making use of artificial intelligence—new awakenings, new feats. The time, artificial intelligence ...

Feb 06, 2017