Science X editorial standards


Science X provides thorough daily coverage of the full sweep of science, technology and medical news. We are dedicated to our readers: scientists, researchers, engineers, tech enthusiasts, academics and lifelong learners alike. Our job is to discover compelling research, delve into the details, and deliver readers their daily dose of news.


Transparency is a crucial element of objective science journalism. We always rely on credible sources, well known in their respective academic communities, and whenever available, add direct links to original research papers.

Verification and fact checking

The content that we produce and the news that we feature is determined by our editorial team. At least two of our editors review every article independently to ensure nothing is overlooked. This includes fact-checking the scientific content, ensuring headline accuracy and tracking down the related reference publication.

Licensed and third-party content

When Science X licenses content from third parties for publication on our sites, our editors always review the third-party content for consistency with our editorial policies and standards.


Our editors stick to reputable sources, avoid misleading language and check for inconsistencies. Science X publications have a high factual reporting rating from Media Bias / Fact Check and a green rating from NewsGuard, organizations that rate and review thousands of news websites for credibility and transparency.


Science X is committed to achieving the highest standards of accuracy and will never knowingly publish material that is inaccurate. While we may make mistakes, we will correct them. Read our full correction policy.

Article intention

Articles are intended for informational purposes and should not be treated as medical advice. Please read our full disclaimer.

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