Unread news explained

As a Science X valued member several applications are available to you that offer convenience and speedy content retrieval.

One of them is the 'Unread News' feature the allows you to easily find out all stories that were added to Science X website since your last visit. You can then sort these stories by date, popularity and ranking for your reading convenience.

How it works

Science X system remembers where you left off in your last visit. Each time you visit the site, our system automatically updates your footsteps. At the top of the Home page, you will note the tab category in light blue called "Unread News". After you log-in to your Science X account, simply click on the tab "Unread News" and you will be provided with the list of all latest stories since your last visit. It's quick, easy and saves you time. No more scanning through articles to determine if you have read them. This task is done for you by the Science X memory system.

Additionally, members may further refine the 'unread new' story selection results by sorting them out by Date, Rank, LiveRank and Popular content after clicking on the "Unread News" tab.

You have to be a member of Science X and be logged in to use this feature (don't have an account? create one here).

Using the Unread News in conjunction with News Filters can increase your reading enjoyment by targeting what you like to read, isolating the latest news and refining your choices. See "News Filters" for a discussion on its use.