Science X and journalism

"Does produce journalism?" "Is a credible source?" These are questions that we sometimes receive from newer readers. The short answer is "Yes, and other Science X sites produce journalism and are reliable sources."

This question oftentimes arises from a misconception that Science X is a press release (PR) service that provides a platform for blindly reprinting PRs, similar to PRWeb, BusinessWire or Eurekalert.

We're not a PR service, we don't automatically republish anything, and many of the daily articles on our home page are written by Science X staff authors. Our editors work hard to keep track of newly published research papers across all major journals as well as breaking sci-tech news and emerging trends, then choose the most interesting advances to be covered by our writers.

These Science X reports and feature stories cover a wide variety of research disciplines and can include interviews with researchers or even critiques of published findings. Beyond our own content produced in-house, Science X's sources include editor-selected news articles and press releases submitted by leading universities and research institutions and licensed sci-tech news from all reputable news agencies. These articles are neither aggregated nor published as provided.

Every article published by Science X, whether authored by our team of writers, sourced from a news agency, or provided by a university, undergoes rigorous editorial scrutiny by our editors. They conduct thorough fact-checking and adhere to our editorial standards and process during the proofreading and editing process. Corrections are made according to our correction policy.

Also, unlike PR services, which derive their revenue from organizations paying to publish press releases, Science X operates independently of content providers, maintaining no financial obligations to them. Our sole commitment is to deliver the highest-quality content to our readers, and we will never compromise our integrity by publishing sponsored articles.

All in all, the facts mentioned above allow Science X sites (, Tech Xplore and Medical Xpress) to maintain the rigor and accuracy associated with journalism in the field of science.