What is Science X Media?

Science X Media presents your published research announcements and information directly to an audience of 10 million scientists, researchers and science-minded people around the world.

Average total pageviews for frontpage stories range from 3,000 to more than 100,000. Stories published on Science X front pages are also distributed to major news aggregation services, mobile apps and social networks, thus increasing overall media exposure.

Science X Media is a free service. There is no cost to submit press releases for publication. Science X reserves the right—according to our independent editorial discretion—to reject, edit or truncate any submitted materials.

Acceptable Press Releases

Please note that all press releases published on our site go through an editorial review process, and may be edited before publication.

Posts are published to Science X’s front pages at our editors’ discretion. It is absolutely not possible to influence editorial decisions. The better the quality of your press release, the higher the chances for acceptance as a frontpage story.

For frontpage publication, we accept only press releases (PRs) that cover recent publications in highly ranked, peer-reviewed journals or research presented at major conferences.

PRs for grants, awards and conference announcements, and/or PRs that are badly written or poorly translated are posted in the Science X Newswire section; stories published in this section receive far less exposure than frontpage publications.

Science X does not publish PRs from commercial organizations. Please contact our ads sales team for information regarding ad campaigns and/or sponsored content.

Copyright transfer: please read our contributions to Science X policy.