Science News Wire Science News Wire is a service of that publishes hot-off-the-wire press releases relevant to our website content which includes science, research and technology news. These press releases are directly submitted by issuing organizations, institutions and private research labs or provided by our partner wire services.

This service is provided to you 'as is' with little or no review by staff. We do not edit, proofread or verify the accuracy of these press releases. We only publish press releases from reliable sources and partner with trusted organizations. However, it may be a good idea to confirm the information provided in the News Wire before relying on it in your work or personal use.

How can I submit my press release to Wire?

You can submit your press release to Wire by using this form. Non-profit research institutions and organizations can submit their press releases free of charge. Commercial organizations are welcome to submit their press releases too, but it’s up to our editors to approve them for News Wire. Our criteria involve the quality of the press release, importance of the invention or discovery, relevance to content, and other factors.