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CloudWATCH project to boost uptake of cloud in Europe

September 4th, 2013
Today sees the launch of CloudWATCH, a European project that will identify, evaluate and recommend standards profiles & compliance to cloud computing providers and users across Europe. The project will also create a long-term sustainable, digital platform to showcase the results of European cloud computing research and development projects.

The CloudWATCH project begins today, following the kick-off meeting in Tuscany, Italy. The project is being funded by the European Commission (EC) to evaluate the competing cloud policies, standard profiles and services, working with providers and users to make recommendations about which should be adopted as standards.  The project is a collaboration of 7 key partners, Cloud Security Alliance, DIGITALEUROPE,, Fraunhofer FOKUS, ICT Legal Consulting, Trust-IT Services Ltd and the Oxford eResearch Centre.

CloudWATCH will also change the way European cloud R&D results are communicated, highlight the benefits of cloud for Europe, educate people on the real issues facing the area and communicate the need for standards in cloud computing. CloudWATCH will accelerate and increase the use of cloud computing across the public and private sectors in Europe and educate SMEs how to choose the right service provider to take account of privacy and service level concerns and not just price.

This will be achieved by organising workshops to bring stakeholders together to understand the existing landscape and community better. They will also develop the digital platform to promote European smart cloud services, educate users in understanding cloud computing and ensure exposure to best practices for cloud standards profiles.

CloudWATCH is already hosting two sessions at the European Grid Infrastructure's Technical Forum in Madrid later this month and a focused networking session at the ICT2013 meeting in Vilnius in November.

"e-Infrastructures are increasingly becoming an important part of modern education and research. Clouds are a core part of this." explains David Wallom, Associate Director of the Oxford eResearch Centre "CloudWATCH will support the development of common standards profiles to support user communities exploitation of cloud computing in the three areas of focus which can be endorsed by Standards bodies".

"Our results are aimed at all cloud providers and users," says Silvana Muscella Managing Director from Trust-IT Services Ltd "we want to help accelerate the uptake of cloud across Europe, especially SMEs who can think of CloudWATCH as their information hub on independent practical information on cloud ."

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