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Tech Xplore / Researchers report breakthrough in 'distributed deep learning'

Online shoppers typically string together a few words to search for the product they want, but in a world with millions of products and shoppers, the task of matching those unspecific words to the right product is one of ...

2 hours ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Reorganizing a computer chip: Transistors can now both process and store information

A computer chip processes and stores information using two different devices. If engineers could combine these devices into one or put them next to each other, then there would be more space on a chip, making it faster and ...

2 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Study projects scenarios for water use reduction in thermal power plants using satellite imagery

Water and energy are closely linked, as current electricity generation methods often require water, and extracting water typically consumes energy. This connection between water and energy, also known as the "water-energy ...

8 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / Storing data in everyday objects

Life's assembly and operating instructions are in the form of DNA. That's not the case with inanimate objects: anyone wishing to 3-D print an object also requires a set of instructions. If they then choose to print that same ...

7 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / A contact lens that can show when blood glucose levels are high

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the Republic of Korea has developed a contact lens with a tiny LED light that turns on and off to show blood glucose levels. In their paper published in the journal ...

8 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Advanced technology may indicate how brain learns faces

Facial recognition technology has advanced swiftly in the last five years. As University of Texas at Dallas researchers try to determine how computers have gotten as good as people at the task, they are also shedding light ...

9 hours ago in Machine learning & AI
Tech Xplore / Research draws on Formula 1 technology for the construction of skyscrapers

City, University London draws on Formula 1 technology for the construction of "needle-like" skyscrapers.

5 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / A more realistic Bitmoji? Snapchat is working on a tool called Cameo that uses deepfake technology

SnapChat will soon be adding a feature that basically allows you deepfake yourself into a video or GIF for fun.

5 hours ago in Internet
Tech Xplore / Used electric vehicle batteries charge up the grid

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an innovative control system for repurposed electric vehicle battery packs to store electricity for home use and are scaling up the technology to a large, power ...

8 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / Hanabi: Facebook AI steps up to cooperative gameplay

The card game Hanabi has been taken on as a challenge by Facebook's AI, and it is quite a challenge considering they are entering a realm where playing is not just a question of one opponent beating another, but a "cooperative" ...

Dec 08, 2019 in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Addressing the obstacles preventing the commercialization of lithium-rich layered sulfides

Anionic redox chemistry is a fairly new research area that could pave the way for the development of more efficient lithium ion-battery cathode materials such as Li-rich layered oxides. So far, however, anionic redox chemistry ...

Dec 06, 2019 in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / New ultra-miniaturized scope less invasive, produces higher quality images

Johns Hopkins engineers have created a new lens-free ultra-miniaturized endoscope, the size of a few human hairs in width, that is less bulky and can produce higher quality images.

Dec 06, 2019 in Engineering