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Tech Xplore / Researchers develop new perovskite solar cells that set efficiency record

A research group led by Prof. Ge Ziyi from the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed three isomeric bisphosphonate-anchored self-assembled molecules ...

17 minutes ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / Data-driven model generates natural human motions for virtual avatars

Humans can innately perform a wide range of movements, as this allows them to best tackle various tasks in their day-to-day life. Automatically reproducing these motions in virtual avatars and 3D animated human-like characters ...

6 hours ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Using contact microphones as tactile sensors for robot manipulation

To complete real-world tasks in home environments, offices and public spaces, robots should be able to effectively grasp and manipulate a wide range of objects. In recent years, developers have created various machine learning–based ...

7 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / New method makes hydrogen from solar power and agricultural waste

University of Illinois Chicago engineers have helped design a new method to make hydrogen gas from water using only solar power and agricultural waste, such as manure or husks. The method reduces the energy needed to extract ...

2 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Innovative bird eye–inspired camera developed for enhanced object detection

The eyes of raptors can accurately perceive prey from kilometers away. Is it possible to model camera technology after birds' eyes? Researchers have developed a new type of camera that is inspired by the structures and functions ...

3 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Researchers enhance object-tracking abilities of self-driving cars

Researchers at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) have introduced a pair of high-tech tools that could improve the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles by enhancing the reasoning ability ...

22 hours ago in Automotive
Tech Xplore / AI browser plug-ins to help consumers improve digital privacy literacy, combat manipulative design

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are developing artificial intelligence tools that help consumers understand how they are being exploited as they navigate online platforms. The goal is to boost the digital literacy ...

22 hours ago in Internet
Tech Xplore / Hiding in plain sight: AI may help to replace confidential information in images with similar visuals

Image privacy could be protected with the use of generative artificial intelligence. Researchers from Japan, China and Finland created a system which replaces parts of images that might threaten confidentiality with visually ...

21 hours ago in Security
Tech Xplore / Enhancing cybersecurity with 'moving trees'

"Please enter the code within the next two minutes." The concept of one-time passwords (OTPs) has become a mainstay in our procedures for secure user verification in sensitive applications, such as government and financial ...

22 hours ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / A new approach to efficiently model the acoustics of an environment

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are designed to artificially reproduce the experience of navigating certain environments. In recent years, videogame and entertainment companies have been producing increasingly ...

May 29, 2024 in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Third Thumb: People have no difficulty getting to grips with an extra thumb, study finds

Cambridge researchers have shown that members of the public have little trouble in learning very quickly how to use a third thumb—a controllable, prosthetic extra thumb—to pick up and manipulate objects.

May 29, 2024 in Robotics
Tech Xplore / A new spiking neuron narrows the gap between biological and artificial neurons

Engineers at the University of Liège have taken a major step forward in the architecture of artificial neural networks by creating a new type of spiking neuron. Called the Spiking Recurrent Cell (SRC), this innovative model ...

May 29, 2024 in Machine learning & AI