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Tech Xplore / Furthering mechanistic understanding of oxygen-redox processes in lithium-rich battery cathodes

Scientists based at the University of Oxford as part of the Faraday Institution CATMAT project researching next-generation cathode materials have made a significant advance in understanding oxygen-redox processes involved ...

1 hour ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / A design to improve the resilience and electrical performance thin metal film based electrodes

Flexible electrodes, electronic components that conduct electricity, are of key importance for the development of numerous wearable technologies, including smartwatches, fitness trackers and health monitoring devices. Ideally, ...

Tech Xplore / Novel soft tactile sensor with skin-comparable characteristics for robots

A joint research team co-led by City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has developed a new soft tactile sensor with skin-comparable characteristics. A robotic gripper with the sensor mounted at the fingertip could accomplish ...

9 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Researchers improve efficiency of next-generation solar cell material

Perovskites are a leading candidate for eventually replacing silicon as the material of choice for solar panels. They offer the potential for low-cost, low-temperature manufacturing of ultrathin, lightweight flexible cells, ...

9 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Cybersecurity researchers build a better 'canary trap'

During World War II, British intelligence agents planted false documents on a corpse to fool Nazi Germany into preparing for an assault on Greece. "Operation Mincemeat" was a success, and covered the actual Allied invasion ...

5 hours ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Machine learning revolutionizes methods to quantify the terrestrial biosphere

Researchers from the University establish a new methodology to improve, from space and through machine learning, the observation and analysis of the terrestrial biosphere. This statistical approach will represent a significant ...

7 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / Pumping perovskites into a semiconductor platform

Fluid injection of perovskite semiconductors creates microwires to build different optoelectronic devices on a single silicon chip.

Tech Xplore / The current pandemic highlights how remote healthcare robots could be beneficial in the future

Robots that could take on basic healthcare tasks to support the work of doctors and nurses may be the way of the future. Who knows, maybe a medical robot can prescribe your medicine someday? That's the idea behind 3-D structural-sensing ...

Feb 27, 2021 in Machine learning & AI
Tech Xplore / Researchers develop roadside barrier design to mitigate air pollution

Imperial researchers have designed a unique curved barrier which can protect people from the damaging effects of air pollution.

Feb 26, 2021 in Engineering
Tech Xplore / A deep learning technique to solve Rubik's cube and other problems step-by-step

Colin G. Johnson, an associate professor at the University of Nottingham, recently developed a deep-learning technique that can learn a so-called "fitness function" from a set of sample solutions to a problem. This technique, ...

Feb 26, 2021 in Machine learning & AI
Tech Xplore / Can a robot operate effectively underwater?

If you've ever watched Planet Earth, you know the ocean is a wild place to live. The water is teeming with different ecosystems and organisms varying in complexity from an erudite octopus to a sea star. Unexpectedly, it is ...

Feb 26, 2021 in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Explainable AI: A must for nuclear nonproliferation, national security

We've all met people so smart and informed that we don't understand what they're talking about. The investment advisor discussing derivatives, the physician elaborating about B cells and T cells, the auto mechanic talking ...

Feb 26, 2021 in Machine learning & AI