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Tech Xplore / A new approach to enhance robot navigation in indoor environments

To effectively navigate their surroundings, robots typically plan paths based on pre-designed maps of the environment they are operating in and observations gathered by their sensors. While this type of navigation strategy ...

9 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Google in smartphone push with motion-sensing Pixel 4

Google stepped up its smartphone ambitions Tuesday with updated Pixel handsets, touting a move toward computing with a simple hand wave or spoken command.

7 hours ago in Consumer & Gadgets
Tech Xplore / Researchers build a soft robot with neurologic capabilities

In work that combines a deep understanding of the biology of soft-bodied animals such as earthworms with advances in materials and electronic technologies, researchers from the United States and China have developed a robotic ...

10 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Spy chip planting said to be easy to do and tough to spot

Much too easy: Planting a two-dollar spy chip on hardware with a technique that can be pulled off on a less than $200 budget? Yet that was the work of a proof in concept investigation by a security researcher and tech-watching ...

16 hours ago in Security
Tech Xplore / Facebook's new Portal makes good video calls but still has issues

A year ago, Facebook surprised a lot of people in tech (and elsewhere) by releasing a video chat device for the home.

3 hours ago in Consumer & Gadgets
Tech Xplore / Fire blankets can protect buildings from wildfires

Wrapping a building in a fire-protective blanket is a viable way of protecting it against wildfires, finds the first study to scientifically assesses this method of defense.

22 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Amazon eating Google online search ad share: eMarketer

Amazon is eating into Google's giant slice of online search advertising in the US as businesses target the online retail platform's shoppers, according to an eMarketer forecast released on Tuesday.

14 hours ago in Internet
Tech Xplore / Renewables overtake hydrocarbons in UK electricity generation: study

Renewable sources generated more of Britain's electricity than fossil fuels for the first time last quarter, according to analysis by specialist website "Carbon Brief" published Monday.

Oct 14, 2019 in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / Handwashing robot helps schoolkids make a clean break with bad habits

A robot which encourages kids to wash their hands has helped pupils at a remote Indian primary school take a fresh approach to hygiene.

Oct 14, 2019 in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Protecting smart machines from smart attacks

Machines' ability to learn by processing data gleaned from sensors underlies automated vehicles, medical devices and a host of other emerging technologies. But that learning ability leaves systems vulnerable to hackers in ...

Oct 14, 2019 in Security
Tech Xplore / Faster video recognition for the smartphone era

A branch of machine learning called deep learning has helped computers surpass humans at well-defined visual tasks like reading medical scans, but as the technology expands into interpreting videos and real-world events, ...

Oct 14, 2019 in Machine learning & AI
Tech Xplore / Facebook researchers use maths for better translations

Designers of machine translation tools still mostly rely on dictionaries to make a foreign language understandable. But now there is a new way: numbers.

Oct 13, 2019 in Machine learning & AI