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Tech Xplore / Using deep learning to control the unconsciousness level of patients in an anesthetic state

In recent years, researchers have been developing machine learning algorithms for an increasingly wide range of purposes. This includes algorithms that can be applied in healthcare settings, for instance helping clinicians ...

1 hour ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Bolstering AI by tapping human testers

Advances in artificial intelligence depend on continual testing of massive amounts of data. This benchmark testing allows researchers to determine how "intelligent" AI is, spot weaknesses and then develop stronger, smarter ...

1 hour ago in Computer Sciences
Tech Xplore / Reprogrammable shape morphing of magnetic soft machines

Shape-morphing magnetic soft machines have diverse applications in minimally invasive medicine, wearable devices and soft robotics. However, most magnetic programming approaches are inherently coupled to the fabrication processes, ...

3 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / New storage battery more efficient and heat-resistant

The share of energy from renewable sources is constantly on the rise in Germany. At the beginning of 2020, for the first time ever, renewable energy was able to cover more than half of the electricity consumed in Germany. ...

3 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
Tech Xplore / How to bounce back from stretched out stretchable sensors

Elastic can stretch too far, which could be problematic for wearable sensors. A team of researchers at Yokohama National University has proposed a fix to prevent too much stretching while improving the sensing ability of ...

8 hours ago in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Google launches AI lip-sync challenge

Google has launched a lip-sync challenge for anyone who cares to participate. Those interested can visit the site Google has set up and test their lip-synching skills. The challenge is being run by Google's AI Experiments ...

5 hours ago in Internet
Tech Xplore / Did I leave the stove on? Amazon's flying camera can check

Amazon wants to be able to answer the nagging question: Did I leave the stove on?

10 hours ago in Consumer & Gadgets
Tech Xplore / Amazon launches Luna cloud-based video game service

Amazon on Thursday unveiled Luna streaming video game service, challenging Microsoft and Google in the fast-growing segment.

23 hours ago in Business
Tech Xplore / Microsoft turns to holographic solutions for cloud storage

When people think of holograms, they may think of the small insignia on credit cards that appear to move as you rotate the card. Or they may think of recent rock concert spectacles featuring realistic 3-D performances by ...

Sep 24, 2020 in Hardware
Tech Xplore / Bioelectronic device achieves unprecedented control of cell membrane voltage

In an impressive proof-of-concept demonstration, an interdisciplinary team of scientists has developed a bioelectronic system driven by a machine learning algorithm that can shift the membrane voltage in living cells and ...

Sep 24, 2020 in Engineering
Tech Xplore / Curling robot able to beat some professional players

A combined team of researchers from Korea and Germany has built an AI-based curling robot that is able to compete at a professional level. In their paper published in the journal Science Robotics, the group describes how ...

Sep 24, 2020 in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Researchers develop biomimetic hand prosthesis uniquely similar to a human hand

In the current issue of Science Robotics, researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT- Italian Institute of Technology) and Centro Protesi INAIL in Italy reported on their ability to replicate the key biological ...

Sep 23, 2020 in Robotics