news / When is an aurora not an aurora? Phenomena called 'Steve' and 'picket fence' are masquerading as auroras

The shimmering green, red and purple curtains of the northern and southern lights—the auroras—may be the best-known phenomena lighting up the nighttime sky, but the most mysterious are the mauve and white streaks called ...

15 hours ago in Earth / A new (micro) lens on optics: Researchers develop hybrid achromats with high focusing efficiencies

Using 3D printing and porous silicon, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed compact, visible wavelength achromats that are essential for miniaturized and lightweight optics. These high-performance ...

15 hours ago in Physics / Saturday Citations: Extragalactic stars in the Milky Way, more biolinguistic evidence and couples coping with COVID

This week we look at migratory stars, communicative children and how to make the best cup of coffee, as well as examining some of the latest COVID advice.

20 hours ago in Other Sciences / Six-million-year-old groundwater pool discovered deep under Sicilian mountains

A multi-institutional team of geoscientists has discovered a deep, ancient underground pool of fresh water underneath part of the Sicilian mountains. In their study, reported in the journal Communications Earth & Environment, ...

Dec 8, 2023 in Earth / Polyethylene waste could be a thing of the past

An international team of experts undertaking fundamental research has developed a way of using polyethylene waste (PE) as a feedstock and converted it into valuable chemicals, via light-driven photocatalysis.

Dec 8, 2023 in Chemistry / Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda is warmer and more acidic than ever, 40 years of observation show

Decade-long ocean warming that impacts ocean circulation, a decrease in oxygen levels that contributes to changes in salinification and nutrient supply, and ocean acidification are just some of the challenges the world's ...

Dec 8, 2023 in Earth / Researchers quantify the onset of turbulence in a pipe bent back on itself

How much stress do pipes undergo when a liquid flows through them, and how does it depend on the degree of curvature of the pipe?

Dec 8, 2023 in Physics / Study of Philippine sea cucumber shows it may have biomedical applications

A small team of marine scientists and chemists at the University of the Philippines, The Marine Science Institute, has found that a type of sea cucumber found locally may have biomedical applications. In their study, reported ...

Dec 8, 2023 in Biology / Genetic mutations that promote reproduction tend to shorten human lifespan, study shows

A University of Michigan-led study based on a review of genetic and health information from more than 276,000 people finds strong support for a decades-old evolutionary theory that sought to explain aging and senescence.

Dec 8, 2023 in Biology / A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics

Physicists at RIKEN have developed an electronic device that hosts unusual states of matter, which could one day be useful for quantum computation.

Dec 8, 2023 in Physics / 'Appetite for drumsticks': First prey found in a tyrannosaur stomach

Prey has been discovered inside the stomach of a tyrannosaur skeleton for the first time, scientists said Friday, revealing that the mighty dinosaurs had an "appetite for drumsticks" when they were young.

Dec 8, 2023 in Biology / Climate change will increase wildfire risk and lengthen fire seasons, study confirms

Wildfires are some of the most destructive natural disasters in the country, threatening lives, destroying homes and infrastructure, and creating air pollution. In order to properly forecast and manage wildfires, managers ...

Dec 8, 2023 in Earth