news / Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in 'magic-angle' graphene

With some careful twisting and stacking, MIT physicists have revealed a new and exotic property in "magic-angle" graphene: superconductivity that can be turned on and off with an electric pulse, much like a light switch.

38 minutes ago in Nanotechnology / Researchers work to reduce the amount of precious metals in catalytic converters

The precious metals, such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, in catalytic converters make the vehicle devices attractive to thieves, but University of Central Florida researchers are working to reduce the amount of precious ...

5 minutes ago in Chemistry / New freshwater mussels discovered in southwestern Australia

Genetic techniques have helped uncover a new threatened species of freshwater mussel in southern Western Australia and redefine the range of existing species.

1 hour ago in Biology / Even chess experts perform worse when air quality is lower, suggesting a negative effect on cognition

Here's something else chess players need to keep in check: air pollution.

56 minutes ago in Earth / Mixing between species may reduce vulnerability to climate change

Genetic diversity is the raw material that enables populations to evolve in response to changes in the environment—essentially, the more diversity the better.

21 minutes ago in Biology / Mating causes 'jet lag' in female fruit flies, changing behavior

An innovative technique from Cornell University researchers finds seminal fluid protein transferred from male to female fruit flies during mating changes the expression of genes related to the fly's circadian clock.

41 minutes ago in Biology / Chemists pioneer responsive polymers that heat up when exposed to LED light

Creating new materials and speeding up reactions is what they do. Sounds a bit mundane, no? It is anything but. Materials that catalyze faster can be used in a wide range of fields from pharmaceuticals to future Mars habitats.

1 hour ago in Chemistry / Researchers identify important molecular switch for hearing development

In the inner ear, there are two different types of sensory cells that are responsible for hearing. An MHH research team has now identified the molecular switch for the formation of these inner and outer hair cells and thus ...

1 hour ago in Biology / Experiments visualize how 2D perovskite structures change when excited

Rice University researchers already knew the atoms in perovskites react favorably to light. Now they can see precisely how those atoms move.

48 minutes ago in Nanotechnology / New analog quantum computers to solve previously unsolvable problems

Physicists have invented a new type of analog quantum computer that can tackle hard physics problems that the most powerful digital supercomputers cannot solve.

1 hour ago in Physics / Modulating magnetism in a Weyl semi-metal using current-assisted domain wall motion

Spintronic devices are emerging technologies that exploit the intrinsic spin of electrons to store and process data. These technologies have the potential to outperform conventional electronics both in terms of speed and ...

2 hours ago in Physics / A method to change the mechanical and transport properties of conductive polymers

Conductive polymers, synthetic substances with large molecules that can conduct electricity, can have a broad range of valuable applications. For instance, they have been used to create sensors, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaics ...

6 hours ago in Chemistry