All News / Does saving energy save the climate?

To stop climate change, saving energy matters less than switching to renewable energy. Indeed, says Anthony Patt, it isn't clear whether saving energy makes much of a difference at all.

17 minutes ago in Earth / Atmospheric aerosol formation from biogenic vapors is strongly affected by air pollutants

According to a recent study published in the journal Science Advances, air pollution not only affects air quality, but it also changes the pathways along which new particles are formed in the atmosphere.

16 minutes ago in Earth / Scientists invent easier, cheaper way to measure gravity

The world has one official kilogram against which all other country's kilograms are measured and scales calibrated.

4 hours ago in Physics / New RNA sequencing strategy provides insight into microbiomes

Researchers from the University of Chicago have developed a high-throughput RNA sequencing strategy to study the activity of the gut microbiome.

4 hours ago in Biology / From foe to friend: Graphene catalyzes the C-C bond formation

Graphene monolayers can be epitaxially grown on many single-crystal metal surfaces under ultra-high vacuum. On one side, these monolayers protect highly reactive metallic surfaces from contaminants, but on the other side, ...

2 hours ago in Nanotechnology / New research finds tornadoes form from the ground up, contrary to popular thought

New research challenges existing assumptions about how tornadoes form.

6 hours ago in Earth / Next-generation of GPS satellites are headed to space

After months of delays, the U.S. Air Force is about to launch the first of a new generation of GPS satellites, designed to be more accurate, secure and versatile.

6 hours ago in Astronomy & Space / 'Treasure trove' of dinosaur footprints found in southern England

More than 85 well-preserved dinosaur footprints—made by at least seven different species—have been uncovered in East Sussex, representing the most diverse and detailed collection of these trace fossils from the Cretaceous ...

6 hours ago in Other Sciences / Rapid controlled transport of water droplets by sunlight-powered pump

Driven by natural or artificial sunlight, a novel "microtube pump" transports water droplets over long distances. As reported by Chinese researchers in the Journal Angewandte Chemie, the pump consists of a tube whose properties ...

2 hours ago in Chemistry / A nuclear-powered 'tunnelbot' to search for life on Jupiter's icy moon Europa

Between 1995 and 2003, NASA's Galileo spacecraft made several flybys of Jupiter's moon, Europa. Several findings from observations of the moon pointed to evidence of a liquid ocean beneath Europa's icy surface. The ocean, ...

Dec 16, 2018 in Astronomy & Space / A new neptune-size exoplanet

The remarkable exoplanet discoveries made by the Kepler and K2 missions have enabled astronomers to begin to piece together the history of the Earth and to understand how and why it differs from its diverse exoplanetary cousins. ...

Dec 16, 2018 in Astronomy & Space / Laser-pointing system could help tiny satellites transmit data to Earth

A new laser-pointing platform developed at MIT may help launch miniature satellites into the high-rate data game.

Dec 16, 2018 in Physics