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Medical Xpress / Cancer is the biggest health concern among the public, poll reveals

Two-thirds of the public say they are very or somewhat worried about being told they have the disease—higher than for any other medical condition, including dementia and having a heart attack—according to polling.

30 minutes ago in Oncology & Cancer / Gnatalie is the only green-boned dinosaur found on the planet. She will be on display in LA

The latest dinosaur being mounted at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles is not only a member of a new species—it's also the only one found on the planet whose bones are green, according to museum officials.

9 hours ago in Biology / How medical schools can be more accountable to society through community connections

The need for relevant and responsive health-care that improves people's health outcomes means that medical schools need to be accountable for what and how they teach. Medical schools are responsible for training health practitioners ...

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Medical Xpress / Have fun in the sun, but protect your skin, expert says

Roughly 20% of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives, but it's not inevitable.

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Medical Xpress / Nightmares in midlife may point to future cognitive decline, dementia

Distressing dreams in middle-aged and older adults may indicate a higher risk for future cognitive decline and all-cause dementia, according to a study presented at EAN 2024, the 10th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, ...

Medical Xpress / CDC: Five cases of neonatal enterovirus infection identified in San Diego

Five cases of neonatal enterovirus infection have been reported in San Diego, highlighting the risks and need for timely identification and treatment, according to data published in the July 11 issue of the U.S. Centers for ...

Medical Xpress / More women than men experience nonphysical violence in health care workforce

Women in the health care workforce are more likely to experience verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and bullying, while men are more likely to experience physical violence, according to a study published online July 2 in PLOS ...

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Tech Xplore / One Tech Tip: Protecting yourself against SIM swapping

SIM-swapping is a growing form of identity theft that goes beyond hacking into an email or social media account. In this case, the thieves take over your phone number. Any calls or texts go to them, not to you.

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Tech Xplore / What's worse than thieves hacking into your bank account? When they steal your phone number, too

One Monday morning in May, I woke up and grabbed my cell phone to read the news and scroll through memes. But it was out of cell service. I couldn't make calls or texts.

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Medical Xpress / Respect summer's scorching heat, experts warn

The human body is no match for extreme heat, and scorching temperatures seem to be the rule rather than the exception these days.

9 hours ago in Health / 3D genome extracted from 'freeze-dried' woolly mammoth

About 52,000 years ago, the skinned hide of a Siberian woolly mammoth was exposed to conditions so frigid that it spontaneously freeze-dried, locking its DNA fragments into place.

13 hours ago in Biology / Highway to hell? Plan for Germany's biggest motorway sparks anger

A proposal to create Germany's biggest motorway has sparked a backlash, with critics fearful the "monstrosity" will increase climate-damaging emissions, worsen noise pollution and harm biodiverse habitats.

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