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Tech Xplore / A new method to achieve smooth gait transitions in hexapod robots

Robots that can navigate various terrains both rapidly and efficiently could be highly advantageous, as they could successfully complete complex missions in challenging environments. For instance, these robots could help ...

14 hours ago in Robotics / Tax the rich, say a majority of adults across 17 G20 countries surveyed

A new survey of adult citizens in 18 of the world's largest economies has revealed majority support for tax reforms and broader political and economic reform. (Not all questions were asked in China, as indicated when findings ...

5 hours ago in Other Sciences
Tech Xplore / Beyond Nvidia: the search for AI's next breakthrough

For a few days, AI chip juggernaut Nvidia sat on the throne as the world's biggest company, but behind its staggering success are questions on whether new entrants can stake a claim to the artificial intelligence bonanza.

9 hours ago in Business
Tech Xplore / Dutch app supermarket boss eyes tech boom in online delivery

Advances in artificial intelligence are poised to drive a "massive" boom in online grocery deliveries, according to the head of Picnic, a Dutch app-only supermarket rapidly expanding into Germany and France.

9 hours ago in Business
Medical Xpress / Extreme heat can be dangerous for runners, cyclists and those spending time outdoors: Six tips for staying safe

When summer starts with a stifling heat wave, as many places are seeing in 2024, it can pose risks for just about anyone who spends time outside, whether they're runners, people who walk or cycle to work, outdoor workers ...

10 hours ago in Health / Scientists explore the vast reservoir of dissolved organic matter in oceans

Few things last very long in the world of the open oceans, it would seem. In the light-filled surface layer, microscopic algae convert carbon dioxide and water into biomass via photosynthesis. Individual cells vanish in a ...

4 hours ago in Earth
Tech Xplore / Australia needs large-scale energy production—three reasons why offshore wind is a good fit

On the weekend, an area 20km off the Illawarra coast south of Sydney became Australia's fourth offshore wind energy zone. It's the most controversial zone to date, with consultation attracting a record 14,211 submissions—of ...

12 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech / Social media warning labels and school cell phone bans: Do they unlock better youth mental health?

This week, the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy called for health warnings on social media for younger users. This recent call follows an earlier Advisory on Social Media and Youth Mental Health, also published by the ...

12 hours ago in Other Sciences
Medical Xpress / Chiropractors have been banned again from manipulating babies' spines. Here's what the evidence actually says

Chiropractors in Australia will not be able to perform spinal manipulation on children under the age of two once more, following health concerns from doctors and politicians.

14 hours ago in Pediatrics / Italy's Capri lifts tourist ban as water shortage resolved

The Italian island of Capri lifted a ban on tourists Saturday after problems with the water supply to the holiday hotspot were resolved.

9 hours ago in Earth
Tech Xplore / Q&A: Elephants use the tips of their trunks to grasp things with great precision—how this can help robotic design?

An elephant uses its trunk for eating, drinking water, communicating, exploring the environment, social behavior, and making and using tools. The trunk, which contains six muscle groups, is not only very strong—it can uproot ...

7 hours ago in Robotics
Tech Xplore / Power cut causes flight chaos at UK's Manchester airport

Manchester Airport, the third-busiest in Britain, cancelled over 100 flights affecting thousands of passengers Sunday following a major power cut.

9 hours ago in Business