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Tech Xplore / Van Life 2.0: Dutch students' road trip in solar mobile home

A group of Dutch students has reimagined van life and is hitting the road to Portugal. Just don't call their groundbreaking new solar-powered vehicle a campervan.

19 hours ago in Engineering / Researchers develop new method for detecting superfluid motion

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are part of a new study that could help unlock the potential of superfluids—essentially frictionless special substances capable of unstopped motion once initiated. A team ...

22 hours ago in Physics
Medical Xpress / When it comes to communication skills—maybe we're born with it?

From inside the womb and as soon as they enter the world, babies absorb information from their environment and the adults around them, quickly learning after birth how to start communicating through cries, sounds, giggles, ...

22 hours ago in Neuroscience
Tech Xplore / Theranos founder wooed believers in 'parallel universe'

For critics outside the orbit of fallen US biotech star Elizabeth Holmes, her pledges of a medical revolution reeked of quackery. But the faith of close backers—from a future Pentagon chief to a lab scientist—was very ...

19 hours ago in Business / Volcanic ash cloud closes La Palma airport; new vent emerges

The airport on the Spanish island of La Palma shut down Saturday because of an ash cloud spewing out of a volcano that has been erupting for a week, and scientists said another volcanic vent opened up, exposing islanders ...

5 hours ago in Earth
Medical Xpress / COVID-19 vaccine boosters could mean billions for drugmakers

Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans' protection against the virus.

5 hours ago in Vaccination / Flights scrapped as new volcanic eruptions hit Canaries

Fresh volcanic eruptions in Spain's Canary Islands prompted the cancellation of flights, airport authorities said Friday, the first since the Cumbre Vieja volcano came to life again.

19 hours ago in Earth / More than 3,000 shark fins confiscated in Colombia

Thousands of shark fins were confiscated by Colombian authorities before they could be illegally shipped to Hong Kong, officials said.

19 hours ago in Biology / Guatemala's Fuego volcano quiets after eruption

Guatemala's Fuego volcano on Friday has quieted after a 32-hour long eruption, authorities said Friday.

19 hours ago in Earth
Tech Xplore / US military eyes prototype mobile nuclear reactor in Idaho

The U.S. Department of Defense is taking input on its plan to build an advanced mobile nuclear microreactor prototype at the Idaho National Laboratory in eastern Idaho.

18 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
Medical Xpress / Israel says US booster plan supports its own aggressive push

Israel is pressing ahead with its aggressive campaign of offering coronavirus boosters to almost anyone over 12 and says its approach was further vindicated by a U.S. decision to give the shots to older patients or those ...

18 hours ago in Vaccination
Tech Xplore / Mercedes-Benz joins European EV battery joint venture

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is teaming up with Stellantis and TotalEnergies in a European electric vehicle battery joint venture, Automotive Cells Co.

19 hours ago in Automotive