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Tech Xplore / Researchers have success in detecting if images of faces were manipulated

Make some noise for Adobe in its effort to detect fakery. They unleashed the powers of machine learning to automatically detect when images of faces have been manipulated.

5 hours ago in Computer Sciences / Climate change had significant impact on Amazon communities before arrival of Europeans

A new study of climate changes and their effects on past societies offers a sobering glimpse of social upheavals that might happen in the future.

10 hours ago in Earth / RNR 'switch' offers hope in battling antibiotic resistant bacteria

New research from Cornell University offers a new pathway for targeting pathogens in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

5 hours ago in Biology / Meteors help Martian clouds form

How did the Red Planet get all of its clouds? CU Boulder researchers may have discovered the secret: just add meteors.

10 hours ago in Astronomy & Space
Medical Xpress / Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic info

Language in Facebook posts may help identify conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, depression and psychosis in patients, according to a study from Penn Medicine and Stony Brook University researchers. It's believed that language ...

6 hours ago in Health / Researchers develop new method for deriving 3-D protein structures from lab-designed DNA sequences, mutant genes

Sequencing the first human genome was a herculean effort that took 13 years, hundreds of researchers around the globe and billions of dollars.

10 hours ago in Biology / 3-D printed tissues and organs without the scaffolding

Engineered tissues and organs have been grown with various degrees of success in labs for many years. Many of them have used a scaffolding approach where cells are seeded onto biodegradable supportive structures that provide ...

6 hours ago in Chemistry
Medical Xpress / Rules of brain architecture revealed in large study of neuron shape and electrophysiology

To understand our brains, scientists need to know their components. This theme underlies a growing effort in neuroscience to define the different building blocks of the brain—its cells.

10 hours ago in Neuroscience / How certain antibiotic combinations could defeat 'superbugs'

A sneaky form of antibiotic resistance called "heteroresistance" is more widespread than previously appreciated, scientists at the Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center report.

10 hours ago in Biology / Dundee lab solves HOIL-1 mystery

The mysterious function of a key protein has been revealed following a breakthrough by University of Dundee scientists.

6 hours ago in Chemistry
Medical Xpress / First lung map uncovers new insights into asthma

For the first time, researchers have mapped the building blocks of the human lungs and airways, in both asthma patients and normal people. The research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University Medical Center Groningen, ...

10 hours ago in Medical research
Tech Xplore / Toward artificial intelligence that learns to write code

Learning to code involves recognizing how to structure a program, and how to fill in every last detail correctly. No wonder it can be so frustrating.

13 hours ago in Computer Sciences