All News / New method helps detect heart damage in top-level competition dogs

Frequent high-intensity exercise entails cardiac remodeling both in humans and animals. In dogs, especially those used for top-level competition, it is of great interest to learn whether they develop the so-called athletic ...

53 minutes ago in Biology / Columbia leads effort to develop a quantum simulator

Quantum technologies—simulators and computers specifically—have the potential to revolutionize the 21st century, from improved national defense systems to drug discovery to more powerful sensors and communication networks.

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Medical Xpress / The link between sexual violence and unintended pregnancy in South Africa

Early unintended pregnancy can have negative consequences for adolescent girls and young women. Not only may their health be at risk; so may their education, economic mobility and productivity.

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Medical Xpress / US hospital admissions for non-COVID-19 have only partially rebounded from initial decline

While declines in U.S. hospital admissions during the onset of COVID-19 has been well-documented, little is known about how admissions during the rebound varied by age, insurance coverage and socioeconomic groups. The decline ... / Cynicism, autonomy and job satisfaction: Evidence from teaching profession

Research published in the International Journal of Management in Education has sought to ascertain whether there is a relationship between the psychological characteristics of cynicism, autonomy, and job satisfaction in teachers. ...

1 hour ago in Other Sciences / Teaching kids to read during the coronavirus pandemic: 5 questions answered

Keisha Allen and Kindel Nash research how kids learn to read and prepare future teachers at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. They are also raising children of their own. Here, they answer five questions many ...

36 minutes ago in Other Sciences / New marine protected areas connect hundreds of kilometres of Turkey's Mediterranean coast

Three hundred and fifty square kilometers of Turkey's coastline has been brought under environmental protection in a recent announcement by the Turkish government. This new area represents a significant expansion of the existing ...

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Tech Xplore / How British grannies are spreading QAnon conspiracy theory memes on Facebook

A headteacher in Stoke-on-Trent told me that, alongside ensuring a COVID-safe return to school for her pupils this September, she's having to reassure parents that their children will not be forcibly taken away and isolated ...

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Medical Xpress / Two million virus deaths 'likely' without collective action: WHO

Two million COVID-19 fatalities are "very likely" without relentless global action to combat the disease, the World Health Organization said Friday.

Medical Xpress / Her pain seemed muscular, but it was actually a heart attack

After taking her daughter to softball practice, Kelly Sosnowski popped over to the mall to run an errand.

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Medical Xpress / U.S. coronavirus cases top 7 million

The number of U.S. coronavirus cases passed 7 million on Friday, with California the hardest hit state so far in a pandemic that has crippled the country for more than six months. / How to better understand what makes a virus win during transmission?

Estimating fitness variation among microorganisms, meaning their aptitude to survive and reproduce in given conditions, allows researchers to predict their infection trajectories in single hosts and transmission in host populations. ...

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