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Medical Xpress / Breakthrough paves way for new Lyme disease treatment

Virginia Tech biochemist Brandon Jutras has discovered the cellular component that contributes to Lyme arthritis, a debilitating and extremely painful condition that is the most common late stage symptom of Lyme disease.

Medical Xpress / Breakthrough in understanding how human eyes process 3-D motion

Scientists at the University of York have revealed that there are two separate 'pathways' for seeing 3-D motion in the human brain, which allow people to perform a wide range of tasks such as catching a ball or avoiding moving ...

6 hours ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic info

Language in Facebook posts may help identify conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, depression and psychosis in patients, according to a study from Penn Medicine and Stony Brook University researchers. It's believed that language ...

5 hours ago in Health
Medical Xpress / Rules of brain architecture revealed in large study of neuron shape and electrophysiology

To understand our brains, scientists need to know their components. This theme underlies a growing effort in neuroscience to define the different building blocks of the brain—its cells.

10 hours ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / First lung map uncovers new insights into asthma

For the first time, researchers have mapped the building blocks of the human lungs and airways, in both asthma patients and normal people. The research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University Medical Center Groningen, ...

10 hours ago in Medical research
Medical Xpress / Repurposing existing drugs or combining therapies could help in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Research led by the University of Birmingham has found re-purposing already existing drugs or combining therapies could be used to treat patients who have difficult to treat autoimmune diseases.

5 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / Researchers identify enzyme that suppresses immune system in breast cancer

Immunotherapies have transformed cancer care, but their successes have been limited for reasons that are both complex and perplexing.

6 hours ago in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / The brain consumes half of a child's energy—and that could matter for weight gain

Weight gain occurs when an individual's energy intake exceeds their energy expenditure—in other words, when calories in exceed calories out. What is less well understood is the fact that, on average, nearly half of the ...

6 hours ago in Health
Medical Xpress / Pomegranate compound with anti-aging effects passes human trial

Urolithin A, a metabolite of biomolecules found in pomegranates and other fruits, could help slow certain aging processes. EPFL spin-off Amazentis, in conjunction with EPFL and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, has published ...

12 hours ago in Medical research
Medical Xpress / Shedding light on 'black box' of inpatient opioid use

People who receive opioids for the first time while hospitalized have double the risk of continuing to receive opioids for months after discharge compared with their hospitalized peers who are not given opioids, according ...

4 hours ago in Medications
Medical Xpress / A single gut enterotype linked to both inflammatory bowel disease and depression

In 2012, Professor Jeroen Raes (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology) launched the Flemish Gut Flora Project. Sequencing fecal samples of over 3,000 healthy volunteers, Prof. Raes and his team defined the boundaries of a ...

9 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / Bright lights outdoors may help treat lazy eye in children

The maturation of visual acuity in both amblyopia and myopia may be closely associated with the development of pathways signaling bright features in the brain, according to research published in the Journal of Neuroscience ...

8 hours ago in Neuroscience