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Medical Xpress / Seven seconds of Spiderman viewing yields a 20 percent phobia symptom reduction

As the Marvel Avenger Endgame premieres in movie theaters this week, Israeli researchers are revealing that exposure to Spiderman and Antman movie excerpts decreases symptoms of spider and ant phobias, respectively.

19 minutes ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Girls and boys on autism spectrum tell stories differently, could explain 'missed diagnosis' in girls

Boys are four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), yet a growing body of research shows that the condition is more common in girls than previously thought, strongly suggesting ...

22 minutes ago in Autism spectrum disorders
Medical Xpress / Experiences of 'ultimate reality' or 'God' confer lasting benefits to mental health

People over the millennia have reported having deeply moving religious experiences either spontaneously or while under the influence of psychedelic substances such as psilocybin-containing mushrooms or the Amazonian brew ...

13 minutes ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Fixing a broken heart: Exploring new ways to heal damage after a heart attack

For people who survive a heart attack, the days immediately following the event are critical for their longevity and long-term healing of the heart's tissue. Now researchers at Northwestern University and University of California, ...

28 minutes ago in Cardiology
Medical Xpress / Self-powered 'pacemaker for life' in pigs unveiled

Scientists on Tuesday unveiled a battery-free pacemaker that generates its energy from the heartbeats of pigs in what could pave the way for an "implant for life" in humans suffering from heart defects.

4 hours ago in Cardiology
Medical Xpress / Short period of parental sexual contact prior to pregnancy increases offspring risk of schizophrenia

Children may be at a slightly increased risk of schizophrenia when their parents were in sexual contact for less than three years before conceiving them, according to research conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at ...

5 hours ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Shining light on rare nerve tumors illuminates a fresh path for fighting cancer

When a protein named "Merlin" fails to do its job, people can develop slow-growing, life-disrupting auditory nerve tumors that can disrupt their hearing and balance. This rare condition is called neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2).

2 hours ago in Cancer
Medical Xpress / Calcium deficiency in cells due to ORAI1 gene mutation leads to damaged tooth enamel

A mutation in the ORAI1 gene—studied in a human patient and mice—leads to a loss of calcium in enamel cells and results in defective dental enamel mineralization, finds a study led by researchers at NYU College of Dentistry.

2 hours ago in Dentistry
Medical Xpress / Feeding juvenile rats extra omega-3 PUFAs and vitamin A shown to reduce negative health impact of stress

A team of researchers with members from Italy, Brazil and Ireland has found that giving rats exposed to a stressful environment extra doses of omega-3 fatty acids, resulted in a reduction of the kinds of mental and physical ...

6 hours ago in Medical research
Medical Xpress / Mice born to fathers put on exercise regimen show improvements in some brain functions

A large team of researchers with members affiliated with multiple institutions across Spain has found that putting mice on an exercise regimen before allowing them to procreate, gave their offspring a boost in brain functions. ...

7 hours ago in Genetics
Medical Xpress / How to be a good host (for Zika virus)

Three years after the Zika virus swept through tropical and subtropical South America, the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas, much remains unknown about what the virus needs to infect and damage its host cells in the brain. Now ...

Medical Xpress / Study identifies why some colds cause asthma attacks in children

Upper respiratory infections remain one of the most common triggers of asthma attacks in children, but not every cold leads to a dangerous worsening of symptoms, even among children with severe asthma. The reasons for this ...

8 hours ago in Immunology