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Medical Xpress / Has there finally been progress in treating schizophrenia?

For decades there has been almost no improvement in the medical treatment of schizophrenia, one of the most serious and devastating of all mental illnesses, but recent advances have raised hopes of progress.

16 minutes ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Ankle exosuit for community walking aims to give post-stroke wearers more independence

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that totals about 795,000 strokes each year. More than 80 percent of stroke survivors experience ...

37 minutes ago in Biomedical technology
Medical Xpress / Biomarkers for the progression of type 2 diabetes identified

Researcher Guy Rutter and his colleagues in Europe, Canada and the United States have discovered molecules in samples taken from 3,000 diabetic patients that could help personalize treatments.

50 minutes ago in Diabetes
Medical Xpress / Low sexual satisfaction linked to memory decline later in life, study finds

Low sexual satisfaction in middle age may serve as an early warning sign for future cognitive decline, according to a new study led by Penn State researchers. The study, which tracked associations between erectile function, ...

31 minutes ago in Health
Medical Xpress / Study reveals way to predict side-effect risk from common immune suppressant medication

A major new study has found a method to identify people who may experience blood, kidney, or liver related side effects from methotrexate, the most commonly used immune-suppressing medicine with 1.3 million users in the UK.

4 minutes ago in Medications
Medical Xpress / Digital support can significantly reduce anxiety among autistic adults

A digital innovation that provides autistic adults with 24/7 support and practical tools to manage the challenges of everyday life has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety levels.

2 minutes ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / A neuronal network that represents the direction in which zebrafish are traveling

Past studies have found that the brains of some animals generate representations of the direction in which they are headed. For instance, the heading direction of insects is represented by the activity of neurons in a region ...

1 hour ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Research reveals clues to why immune cells seem to cause brain damage

In the human central nervous system, there are tiny cells that—for most people, most of the time—provide important immune protection to the brain and spinal cord. Occasionally these microglia cells run terribly awry, ...

2 hours ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Drug combination discovery may extend life expectancy of children with brain cancer

Newcastle and Hunter-based researchers have discovered a drug combination that could improve the life expectancy of children with brain cancer.

1 hour ago in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / Wirelessly powered 'smart bandage' could provide drug-free wound care

A new generation of wirelessly powered, environmentally friendly 'smart bandages' could help patients with non-healing wounds avoid infections, scientists say.

1 hour ago in Biomedical technology
Medical Xpress / New tool may help spot 'invisible' brain damage in college athletes

An artificial intelligence computer program that processes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can accurately identify changes in brain structure that result from repeated head injury, a new study in student athletes shows. ...

1 hour ago in Radiology & Imaging
Medical Xpress / Low-flavanol diet drives age-related memory loss, large study finds

A large-scale study led by researchers at Columbia and Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard is the first to establish that a diet low in flavanols—nutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables—drives age-related memory ...

20 hours ago in Health