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Medical Xpress / US probes link between vaping and lung disease as patient dies

A patient who had recently been vaping has died in the US after developing severe lung disease, officials said Friday, as authorities scrambled to find the cause behind almost 200 more potential cases.

Aug 24, 2019 in Health
Medical Xpress / Brain's astrocytes play starring role in long-term memory

Star-shaped cells called astrocytes help the brain establish long-lasting memories, Salk researchers have discovered. The new work adds to a growing body of evidence that astrocytes, long considered to be merely supportive ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Engineering collagen-binding serum albumin (CBD-SA) as a drug conjugate carrier for cancer therapy

Medical researchers often use serum albumin (SA) as a drug carrier to deliver cytotoxic agents to tumors during biomedical drug delivery via passive targeting approaches. To improve the targeting capacity of SA's a team of ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Medications
Medical Xpress / How memories form and fade

Why is it that you can remember the name of your childhood best friend that you haven't seen in years yet easily forget the name of a person you just met a moment ago? In other words, why are some memories stable over decades, ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Cheap combo pill cuts heart, stroke risks, study finds

A cheap daily pill that combines four drugs cut the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure in a large study, suggesting it could be a good way to help prevent heart problems especially in poor countries.

Aug 23, 2019 in Cardiology
Medical Xpress / Tech time not to blame for teens' mental health problems

A new study, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, suggests that the time adolescents are spending on their phones and online is not that bad.

Aug 23, 2019 in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Study shows frying oil consumption worsened colon cancer and colitis in mice

Foods fried in vegetable oil are popular worldwide, but research about the health effects of this cooking technique has been largely inconclusive and focused on healthy people. For the first time, UMass Amherst food scientists ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / Epilepsy causes brain's defenses to collapse

What happens during an epileptic seizure? A recent study suggests that seizures occur after certain defense cells in the brain break down.

Aug 23, 2019 in Medical research
Medical Xpress / Researchers find a way to stop lung damage due to the body's immune response

University of Calgary researchers at the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM) led by Drs. Donna Senger, Ph.D., Paul Kubes, Ph.D., and Stephen Robbins, Ph.D. have discovered a new way to stop harmful inflammation in the lungs ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Immunology
Medical Xpress / Antibiotic usage associated with increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis

A new study has provided evidence that antibiotic usage is associated with an increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Aug 23, 2019 in Medications
Medical Xpress / Genome screen uncovers new targets for cancer immunotherapy

Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of cancer in the last decade, yet many tumors do not respond to these new therapies. A new genome-wide screen of 20,000 human genes in T cells have turned up several new candidates ...

Aug 23, 2019 in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / Researchers develop early detection test for ovarian cancer

Researchers from Queen's University Belfast have developed a test that may be able to detect ovarian cancer up to two years earlier than current approaches.

Aug 23, 2019 in Oncology & Cancer