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Medical Xpress / How does political news affect moods? New study in young doctors shows real-time effects

They work in a bubble of 80-hour work weeks, and 24-hour shifts. They're caring for patients for the first time, while still learning the ropes of the medical profession. The constant stress wears on their mental health.

55 minutes ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / New bone healing mechanism has potential therapeutic applications

Led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, a study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell reveals a new mechanism that contributes to adult bone maintenance and repair and opens the possibility of developing therapeutic ...

3 hours ago in Medical research
Medical Xpress / New clues to the link between ALS and type 2 diabetes

Patients with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) often suffer from type 2 diabetes. This phenomenon has long remained mechanistically enigmatic. Now, researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have identified a molecular ...

Medical Xpress / 'Safety signals' may help slow down anxiety

For as many as one in three people, life events or situations that pose no real danger can spark a disabling fear, a hallmark of anxiety and stress-related disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants help ...

4 hours ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Inflammatory marker linked to dementia

An inflammatory marker called sCD14 is related to brain atrophy, cognitive decline and dementia, according to a study of more than 4,700 participants from two large community-based heart studies. The study was published Monday, ...

3 hours ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / New software tool uses AI to help doctors identify cancer cells

UT Southwestern researchers have developed a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to recognize cancer cells from digital pathology images—giving clinicians a powerful way of predicting patient outcomes.

3 hours ago in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / Giving common antibiotic before radiation may help body fight cancer

The antibiotic vancomycin alters the gut microbiome in a way that can help prime the immune system to more effectively attack tumor cells after radiation therapy. A new study in mice from researchers at the Abramson Cancer ...

3 hours ago in Oncology & Cancer
Medical Xpress / Dead probiotic strain shown to reduce harmful, aging-related inflammation

Scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine have identified a dead probiotic that reduces age-related leaky gut in older mice. The study is published in the journal GeroScience.

3 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / How high lipid levels cause inflammation and damage kidneys and blood vessels

Doctors interested in ways to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease have long had blood cholesterol levels in their sights. But other types of blood fats (also known as 'lipids') can also be damaging to health. "Our ...

6 hours ago in Cardiology
Medical Xpress / Secret behind diabetes drug's benefits revealed

Researchers at McMaster University have unlocked one of the secrets behind the many benefits of metformin.

8 hours ago in Diabetes
Medical Xpress / Key mystery about how the brain produces cognition is finally understood

Human behavior is often explained in terms of unseen entities such as motivation, curiosity, anxiety and confidence. What has been unclear is whether these mental entities are coded by specific neurons in specific areas of ...

10 hours ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Scientists show thin metal mesh loaded with T cells shrinks solid tumors

What if a metal that's already used to repair broken bones, straighten teeth and keep arteries from clogging could also be used to stop your cancer from spreading?

8 hours ago in Oncology & Cancer