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Medical Xpress / A role for microRNAs in social behavior

The recent discovery of microRNAs as key regulators of biological processes has fueled an explosion of research activity into their function in health and disease. Researchers have now uncovered a microRNA cluster that regulates ...

57 minutes ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / How marijuana may damage teenage brains in study using genetically vulnerable mice

In a study of adolescent mice with a version of a gene linked to serious human mental illnesses, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have uncovered a possible explanation for how marijuana may damage the brains of ...

27 minutes ago in Neuroscience
Medical Xpress / Folate deficiency creates hitherto unknown problems in connection with cell division

Folate deficiency creates more problems in connection with DNA replication than researchers had hitherto assumed, researchers from the University of Copenhagen show in a new study. Once a person lacks folate, the damage caused ...

1 hour ago in Health
Medical Xpress / Looking on bright side may reduce anxiety, especially when money is tight

Trying to find something good in a bad situation appears to be particularly effective in reducing anxiety the less money a person makes, possibly because people with low incomes have less control over their environment, according ...

1 hour ago in Psychology & Psychiatry
Medical Xpress / Probiotic gives long-standing protection against childhood eczema, study finds

Giving a probiotic supplement to pregnant mothers and their infants significantly reduces the chances of a child developing eczema for the first 11 years of their life, researchers have shown.

5 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / New, rapid and robust method for single cell profiling

Many of the cell types in our bodies work in obscure ways that science does not yet fully understand. That also goes for immune cells, which are vital for protecting us against serious diseases.

3 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / Protein police keep the immune system in check

Our immune systems defend our bodies against dangerous invaders and help clean up when damage is done. But if our bold protectors are left unsupervised, they sometimes do their jobs too well and end up harming healthy tissues. ...

3 hours ago in Immunology
Medical Xpress / One in four parents not prepared for 'parenting hangovers' this holiday season

Parents may plan for transportation and childcare ahead of holiday gatherings but are they prepared for a potential, day-after "parenting hangover?"

9 hours ago in Pediatrics
Medical Xpress / Survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma face high long-term risk of solid cancers

New research refines existing evidence that survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma face an elevated risk of developing various types of solid tumors many years later. In addition, certain subgroups of patients have an especially ...

10 hours ago in Cancer
Medical Xpress / Babies and toddlers at greater risk from second-hand smoke than previously thought, study finds

Infants and toddlers in low-income communities may be even more at risk from second- and third-hand smoke exposure than has been believed, according to new federally supported research.

Dec 16, 2018 in Health
Medical Xpress / Small-scale poultry farming could mean big problem in developing countries

Small-scale farming in developing countries provides those in rural communities with income and access to protein, but it may have a large impact on antibiotic resistance, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Medical Xpress / Treatment shown to improve the odds against bone marrow cancer

Hope has emerged for patients with a serious type of bone marrow cancer as new research into a therapeutic drug has revealed improved outcomes and survival rates.

Dec 15, 2018 in Cancer