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Dialog / Discovery of a conserved anti-SARS-CoV-potential therapeutic target in the heart of human and bat spike proteins

The spike glycoprotein of the human severe acute respiratory syndrome coronaviruses (hSARS-CoVs) represents an attractive target for the design and development of biopharmaceuticals as well as small molecule drugs, desirable ...

Oct 11, 2021 in Medicine & Health
Dialog / Making hay while the birds nest? Study finds landowners willing to protect grassland birds nesting in their hay fields

Grassland bird populations have been steeply declining for decades, and conservationists are in a race against the clock to find ways to prevent their continued losses. Temperate grasslands are some of the least protected ...

Oct 08, 2021 in Biology
Dialog / Researchers discovered the world's first monolayer silicon carbide: Towards atomic-level semiconductor technologies

Prof. Sakineh Chabi from the University of New Mexico and her team recently discovered the world's first monolayer silicon carbide. The newly discovered 2D SiC materials have graphene-like hexagonal lattice, and average thickness ...

Oct 05, 2021 in Nanotechnology
Dialog / Machine-learned phenomenological model for synthesis of inorganic crystalline materials

The establishment of materials science should acknowledge the contribution of phenomenological models. A few examples include: the famous Arrhenius relation that reveals the temperature-dependent kinetic process, and Fick's ...

Oct 05, 2021 in Chemistry
Dialog / Structure of 3He: Small A nuclei are key to the nuclear force holding the atomic nucleus together

Findings in nuclear physics theory have received several Nobel Prizes (1975-nucleus vibrations and rotations, 1963-nuclear shell model, 1949-meson exchange model of nuclear forces). Despite these awards, the structure of ...

Sep 27, 2021 in Physics
Dialog / How mind-boggling features of UFOs can be explained from the physical point of view: Prospective applications

Why are there just 18 letters in the English alphabet? Because E.T. flew away riding a UFO with the CIA in pursuit.

Sep 23, 2021 in Physics
Dialog / Novel cell engineering method for drug discovery, biologics and cell therapy

Every graduate student, creative person and inventor of any stripe has experienced periods when nothing seems to come together, some of us many times. I was waist-deep in such pit after a year-long effort to make a large ...

Sep 22, 2021 in Biology
Dialog / Taking the pulse of a neutron star for almost five decades finds nearly cyclic spin changes on long time-scales

The X-ray binary system Vela X-1 consists of a neutron star (which contains as much mass as our sun (~1030 kg), but is very compact and has a radius of ~10 km or so, about the size of a small city) and a supermassive star ...

Sep 15, 2021 in Astronomy & Space
Dialog / Recycled environmental waste into useful nanomaterials: What makes them so important for sustainable development

Nanotechnology deals with the synthesis and modification of physical and chemical properties of the material at an extremely small scale. How small is nano? Nanomaterials should have one of their dimensions between 1-100 ...

Sep 13, 2021 in Nanotechnology
Dialog / Issues to consider before insuring a green building

Rising public awareness of the environmental challenges is a major factor in the popularization of sustainable construction. However, with the benefits that sustainable construction offers, there are new liability risks and ...

Sep 06, 2021 in Earth
Dialog / A quarter of sun-like stars eat their own planets

How rare is our solar system? In the 30 years or so since planets were first discovered orbiting stars other than our sun, we have found that planetary systems are common in the galaxy. However, many of them are quite different ...

Aug 31, 2021 in Astronomy & Space
Dialog / Studying ancient lake mud to discover climate change in the Australian Alps 1,600 years ago

If you've ever visited Australia's highest peak—Mount Kosciuszko—you might remember the long uphill trek to the summit past some of Australia's most picturesque and rugged landscapes. Vibrant snow gums, boardwalks with ...

Aug 31, 2021 in Earth