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Dialog / Unveiling the microscopic mechanism of superconducting metallic transistors

Transistors are the basis for microchips and the whole electronic industry. The invention of transistors, by Bardeen and Brattain in 1947, awarded with a Nobel prize, is regarded as one of the most important discoveries of ...

May 28, 2024 in Physics
Dialog / Flexible pseudocapacitor defies climate extremes, packs energy punch

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the demand for reliable energy storage solutions has never been greater. With our reliance on electronic devices growing, especially in aviation, space exploration, and ...

Dialog / Contemporary wildfires not more severe than historically in western US dry forests: Study

Wildfires have increased over the last few decades in dry forests, which cover 25.5 million ha (63 million acres) of the western U.S. But are high-severity fires that kill 70% or more of trees already burning at rates that ...

May 3, 2024 in Biology
Dialog / Exploiting disorder to harvest heat energy: The potentialities of 2D magnets for thermoelectric applications

Thermoelectric systems are a green and sustainable way to harvest energy from any form of heat that otherwise would be wasted. At the core of this energy conversion process is the so-called Seebeck effect, which describes ...

Apr 30, 2024 in Nanotechnology
Dialog / Neuroscientists report a distinct role of touch receptors in treating chronic pain

People often experience the phenomenon of injuring a hand and feeling relief from vigorously shaking it. The mechanism behind this effect is fairly well explained by the "gate control theory" of Melzack and Wall, but it is ...

Apr 23, 2024 in Neuroscience
Dialog / Scientists develop nanosilver-impregnated silk suture against surgical site infection

In recent years, the adherence of microorganisms to surfaces or coatings has created major health risks to humans. Among these, microbial attachment and growth on surgical suture lines accounts for more than 20% of health-related ...

Apr 16, 2024 in Nanotechnology
Dialog / From tape measures to space lasers: Quantifying biomass of the world's tallest forests

In this era of accelerating climate crisis, accounting for all aspects of Earth's carbon cycle is a crucial task. The magnitude of atmospheric carbon burden means trees and forests are limited but important instruments among ...

Apr 16, 2024 in Biology
Dialog / Brainstem neuronal shutdown as a potential cause of sudden death in at-risk infants

Sudden unexpected death in children, which includes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), is a devastating but poorly understood global health problem. The cause of SIDS was long considered a mystery, and although this mystery ...

Apr 8, 2024 in Neuroscience
Dialog / Propagating dimensions of light: Deforming versatile non-diffractive beams along the optical trajectory

The diffraction of light is a ubiquitous phenomenon in nature where waves spread out as they propagate. This spreading of light beams during propagation limits the efficient transmission of energy and information. Therefore, ...

Apr 8, 2024 in Physics
Dialog / Navigating the maze of cancer: How precision medicine unravels the unknown

In our journey to unravel the obscurities of high-grade gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (GEP-NENs), we've embarked on a quest guided by personalized medicine principles. Imagine you're faced with a challenging ...

Mar 22, 2024 in Oncology & Cancer
Dialog / Driving photochemistry with sub-molecular precision

Absorption of light initiates many natural and artificial chemical processes, for example, photosynthesis in plants, human vision, or even 3D printing. Until now, it seemed impossible to control a light-driven chemical reaction ...

Mar 15, 2024 in Nanotechnology
Dialog / Scalable photoelectrochemical system for solar hydrogen possible, if made from efficient all-perovskite materials

Our recent article published in Nature Energy relates our first attempt at the development of a scalable photoelectrochemical (PEC) system to produce green hydrogen.

Feb 28, 2024 in Energy & Green Tech