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Paris-Saclay University creates QUANTUM, the centre for quantum science and technology

November 29th, 2019
Paris-Saclay University creates QUANTUM,  the centre for quantum science and technology
Sylvie Retailleau announces the creation of QUANTUM at Paris-Saclay University Credit: Paris-Saclay University
Paris-Saclay University is a major player in the field of quantum science and technology in France and around the world. In partnership with several leading manufacturers and research organizations, it has announced the creation of QUANTUM, an interdisciplinary centre for quantum science and technology in Paris-Saclay.

Major progress in quantum science has been made over the past decade. The entry into play of major industrialists and the mastery of quantum technologies are perceived by states as a crucial issue for their sovereignty.

In this context, where a technological revolution is underway at the international level to exploit the specific properties of quantum mechanics such as quantum superposition, entanglement and control of individual quantum systems, the strengths of Paris-Saclay University contribute to the research and development of these strategic areas of quantum science and technology.

"The 40 research teams in our scope, most of which are the result of a close partnership with major organizations such as the CNRS, CEA and INRIA, represent more than 35% of the research effort in France, making Paris-Saclay University one of the cradles of the second quantum revolution at the highest international level. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and unique know-how in nanotechnologies and ultimate instrumentation, our activity has seen the rise of spintronics, the violation of Bell's inequalities, the first quantum communications, the first superconducting qubits, and the emergence of mesoscopic physics," says Sylvie Retailleau, President of Paris-Saclay University. Invited by Thales to the 2019 Innovation Days, she today announced the creation of QUANTUM, the quantum science and technology centre at the University of Paris-Saclay.

All the laboratories in the Paris-Saclay area, whose know-how is based on the work of joint research units led by the CNRS, CEA and INRIA in particular, are the cornerstones of the field. They support the ambitions and actions of the centre, within higher education and research institutions (UPSud, UVSQ, ENS Paris-Saclay, Institut d'Optique Graduate school, CentraleSupélec) and national research organisations. Alongside them, major French and international manufacturers, Thales, Air Liquide, EDF Lab, ATOS and IBM, are already showing their support.

Quantum@Université Paris-Saclay is organized to:

- strengthen basic research and interdisciplinarity in research in order to accelerate technological progress and develop the necessary links between different fields of physics and between several disciplines (physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics);
- intensify interdisciplinary initial training to broaden our students' knowledge base in the field and employment opportunities;
- develop further education for technicians, engineers and private decision-makers;
- stimulate early links between research, innovation and industry to enable the rapid exploitation of scientific progress and encourage the emergence of new concepts.

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