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The American Statistical Association Releases New Statement in Support of Former Greek Statistician Andreas Georgiou

December 11th, 2019
ALEXANDRIA, Va. (December 10, 2019) – The board for the American Statistical Association (ASA)—the world's largest community of statisticians and data scientists—recently approved another statement in support of the persecuted former head of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Andreas Georgiou:

The American Statistical Association is proud to have as a member Andreas Georgiou, who was
president of the Hellenic Statistical Authority from 2010–2015. Georgiou is a distinguished
official statistician of high scientific integrity and capability who is committed to our profession
and who abides by the ASA's Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice. He is also a person of
great character, honor and honesty.

We are therefore troubled by Greece's continued persecution of its former head statistician.

Now in the ninth year, there are still open investigations and trials of Georgiou, a government
professional who is loyal to his country.

Greece's new government provides an opportunity to remedy the unjust official treatment of

Georgiou. Ending the prosecutions, accusations and legal proceedings and exonerating

Georgiou would signal Greece's commitment to accurate and ethical official statistics. This,
in turn, could help foster foreign investment and overall confidence among Greece's
international partners, which helps Greece's economy.

Georgiou continues to face charges in Greece for revising in full accordance with European Union statistical rules and principles the inaccurate and misleading deficit and debt figures of Greece for the years up to and including 2009.


Contact: Steve Pierson,, (703) 302-1841

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