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A game to make daily habits more sustainable

October 25th, 2021
A game to make daily habits more sustainable
Credit: iCube Programme calls on its followers to get involved through co-design workshops. They will have their say about bio-based products and help design and test the serious game

Over the years, a lot of knowledge has become available with people giving valuable feedback about their user experience. This co-creation and co-design offer an attractive way to inspire future products and projects aimed at meeting the needs of society. Also, both activities open the innovation process up to a wide range of voices that would not normally be involved, each bringing something unique to the table.

Co-creation and co-design lie at the heart of the EU-funded project, which will develop a serious game to help citizens to learn about bio-based products and render their consumption habits more sustainable. To maximise relevance, the project used co-creation activities to learn from its audience and to address their expectations and needs.

Now, it's time to co-design and the project is inviting its community to participate in the next phase. After the co-creation activities, will now engage the public further, to ensure that the solutions, services and products developed by the project are closely aligned with people's needs. The project team will first include these co-creators in focus groups and workshops so that the game developers can gain first-hand insights and fresh ideas. A beta version of the serious game will then be provided for testing by citizens across Europe.

The serious online game aims to help people appreciate how they can follow a more sustainable lifestyle using bio-based products. The game will address four themes: fashion and textiles, food packaging, jobs and careers and tools for kids and schools.

The development of each theme focuses on the insights of the public, which will help create an engaging concept with game features and specifications. invites anyone who wants to get involved in the co-design process and help shape a more sustainable world to watch our last video, visit and get in touch to find out more.

Provided by iCube Programme

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