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Medical Xpress / US panel recommends Pfizer COVID vaccine for younger children

A medical panel of US government advisors endorsed the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in five-to-11-year-olds Tuesday, paving the way for younger children to get their shots within weeks.

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Medical Xpress / Horse hyperimmune antibody may help the fight against COVID-19, study finds

A study conducted by a consortium of Brazilian researchers has demonstrated that a hyperimmune serum consisting of purified antibody fragments produced in horses may be an efficient approach to combat COVID-19. Tests conducted ...

Medical Xpress / 'Nearer the bench than the Beltway': An appeal for thoughtful regulation of infectious disease research

COVID-19 has killed close to 5 million people worldwide, and the crisis has given rise to uncertainties about both the origins of the virus and how to respond to future pandemics. Much of the uncertainty swirls around responsibility ...

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Medical Xpress / Russia, Ukraine see record daily deaths, low vaccinations

The daily number of COVID-19 deaths in Russia hit another high Tuesday amid a surge in infections that has forced the Kremlin to order most Russians to stay off work starting this week.

Tech Xplore / TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat defend impact on kids at US hearing

Three social media networks massively popular with the youngest users—TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube—tried to convince skeptical US lawmakers Tuesday they are safe as worry about Facebook's potential harms spills over to ...

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Medical Xpress / COVID-19 virus test sensitivity varies with body's circadian rhythm, according to research

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health care practitioners have relied on COVID-19 testing to tell them what safety precautions to follow with each patient. Carl Johnson, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Biological Sciences, ...

Medical Xpress / Belgium reimposes restrictions as COVID-19 cases spike

With coronavirus infections and hospitalizations shooting upward, the Belgian government on Tuesday reimposed some pandemic restrictions that it only relaxed a few weeks ago and expanded a nationwide use of the COVID-19 pass.

Medical Xpress / Pandemic 'far from finished': WHO

The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, the World Health Organization's emergency committee said Tuesday as it called for research into next-generation vaccines for long-term control of the pandemic.

Medical Xpress / Study finds genetic markers may predict severity of COVID-19 infection

Scientists at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, along with colleagues at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital, have discovered specific genetic biomarkers that not only show who is infected with COVID-19, ...

Medical Xpress / D-dimer test still helpful to rule out pulmonary embolisms in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

A screening blood test originally validated in seriously ill patients without COVID-19 is still clinically useful for ruling out pulmonary embolism in patients hospitalized with the coronavirus, a University of South Florida ...

Medical Xpress / New survey shines light on racial disparities persisting in COVID-19 vaccination

A new public health survey reveals critical information regarding the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine messaging and public policies on individual perception and behaviors in the United States.

7 hours ago in Medical economics / More states are passing laws limiting authority to respond to public health emergencies

New data released today by the Temple University Center for Public Health Law Research on captures details of an emerging effort by states to limit executive authority to act in response to public health emergencies.

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