news / New perspective on tropical cyclone size-intensity relationship

Considering numerous variables, tropical cyclones are rarely alike. While tropical cyclones are rated for their wind speed, it is important to consider the relationship between the storm's size and overall intensity.

13 hours ago in Earth / Most people hide minor purchases from partner, and that's a good thing, research finds

In a recently published study, Duke Fuqua School of Business Professor Gavan Fitzsimons and two former Fuqua Ph.D. students found that people often hide from their partners minor purchases they have made. And this behavior ...

13 hours ago in Other Sciences / 'Dream' discovery could sow crops better equipped to weather the climate change storm

Scientists from The Australian National University (ANU) and James Cook University (JCU) have identified an "exquisite" natural mechanism that helps plants limit their water loss with little effect on carbon dioxide (CO2) ...

13 hours ago in Biology / Dry lightning sparks some of the most destructive and costly wildfires in California, study finds

A new study has found dry lightning outbreaks are the leading cause of some of the largest wildfire outbreaks in modern California history. Despite this, dry lightning has remained largely understudied across this region—until ...

12 hours ago in Earth / Researchers develop the world's fastest two-qubit gate between two single atoms

A research group led by graduate student Yeelai Chew, Assistant Professor Sylvain de Léséleuc and Professor Kenji Ohmori at the Institute for Molecular Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, is using atoms cooled ...

14 hours ago in Physics / Into the brain of comb jellies: Scientists explore the evolution of neurons

Neurons, the specialized cells of the nervous system, are possibly the most complicated cell type ever to have evolved. In humans, these cells are capable of processing and transmitting vast sums of information. But how such ...

14 hours ago in Biology / Feeding snacks to coral larvae boosts energy levels for growth and survival

Coral larvae reared with food have more energy to transform into settled polyps and successfully establish themselves as young corals, a Southern Cross University Ph.D. researcher has found.

13 hours ago in Biology / Ancient source of oxygen for life hidden deep in the Earth's crust

Scientists at Newcastle University have uncovered a source of oxygen that may have influenced the evolution of life before the advent of photosynthesis.

20 hours ago in Earth / Elucidating the molecular targets of 'eicosapentaenoic acid': A natural remedy for chronic pain

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is an essential nutrient belonging to the omega-3 group of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). As the human body cannot synthesize PUFAs, dietary supplements containing EPA are required for normal ...

14 hours ago in Chemistry / New-to-nature yeast chromosome could be game changer for industry

A completely new-to-nature yeast chromosome has been developed, paving the way for engineered yeast to be applied to an array of industrial applications.

16 hours ago in Biology / Study links malignant hyperthermia to heat-hypersensitive mutant calcium channel proteins

Hot summer temperatures may have you reaching for a fan and an iced drink in your quest to keep cool. But now, researchers from Japan have found that some mutant proteins are even less tolerant of the heat, getting trapped ...

14 hours ago in Biology / Mystery cells that create blood stem cells in mammals identified

Imagine if one day blood transfusions from strangers were not needed because they could be produced from cells that line your own blood vessels' cells.

15 hours ago in Biology